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Asphalt strip for pipe joints sealing

I. Product introduction

It’s a kind of asphalt sealing material which can adhere to and seal various cement and RC products.
II. Product features
 1. Stable property, low temperature sensibility: it will not run at high temperature (+80), or get crisp or stiff at low temperature (-40℃);
2. Large compression strength: it can bear the pressure of 2.5MPa without any leakage;
3. Corrosion resistance: stable chemical property without any reaction to acid or alkali lye;
4. Super sealing: special non-hardening flexible asphalt modification, with self-healing capability;
5. Environmental protection & security: without poison and smell, or volatile & decomposable ingredient.
III. Product use
It applies to the adhesion and sealing of various types of cement and RC products such as municipal pipe joint, brick seam on sidewalk road surface, culvert, etc.
IV. Product package
    Package: packing in carton. Standard specification: 100cm × 15cm × 0.5cm. The user can tailor it to appropriate size according to demands, or make it into gasket & closed loop according to customer’s requirement on size.

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