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Sprayed Quick-setting Rubber Coating for Waterproofing


I. Product introduction
Sprayed Quick-setting Rubber Coating for Waterproofing is a kind of double-component waterproof material, which uses several high-molecular polymer emulsion and micro-emulsion type anion modified asphalt as the base stock with special film-forming agent. It can shape up after spraying for 4s. The adhesive film can adhere to the base to a great extent to realize perfect integral cladding.
II. Product features
 1. Good stretching resistance: elongation at break can reach 1800% with recovery rate up to 90%.
 2. Water solution for environmental protection: it’s a kind of water-soluble environment-friendly product without volatile organic compound and organic solvent.
 3.ithout lapped seam: it can form continuous film in one.
 4. Mechanized construction: it can realize construction on moist surface, shorten construction period and save labor.
 5. Security and environmental protection: excellent durable property, chemical resistance and waterproof & antiseptic property.
 6. Good heat-resisting stability and cold resistance: temperature in application environment shall be -40~80 ℃.
 7. Excellent adhesiveness: strong adhesiveness for multiple materials such as concrete, metal, wood, etc.
 III. Product use
1. It’s applicable to waterproof projects of roofing projects of concrete and steel structure, underground construction, bridge, tunnel, etc.;
2. Waterproof and anticorrosion of artificial lake, pool, waste treatment plant, settling basin, underground passage, wastewater treatment plant and swimming pool;
3. Heavy corrosion protection of the surface of concrete, metal and wood of offshore facility, water conservancy equipment, garbage disposal, nuclear power, mine smelting, etc.
IV. Product package
    Packing in bucket: 200kg/bucket or 50kg/bucket

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