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Flame retardant agent



1.    When it is added into asphalt, it can produce significant fire retardation effect. The oxygen index (OI) is generally up to 25 (OI: the minimum oxygen concentration required maintaining burning in oxygen and nitrogen mixed gas under certain conditions);
2.    After addition, it does not affect the pavement performance of asphalt, and does not change the technical performance of asphalt while achieving the fire retardation performance;
3.    It has good compatibility with asphalt. Through coupling agent activation treatment, the surface energy of the product particle surface is improved, so it is compatible with the asphalt to make flame retardant asphalt;
4.    Environment friendly. With smoke suppression, non-toxic or corrosive gases, and less dust, it does not cause secondary fires, and is not harmful to operating personnel, without environmental pollution.

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