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Colored asphalt



Suitable for the highway, bus lanes, heavy traffic lane, deck and other pavement,also can be used for high quality colorful water permeable pavement.
.Colorful asphalt binder
       Using high performance colorful asphalt binder produced by our company to pave the road can realize the following effects:colored pavement durability,bright colors and non-fading,good high and low temperature performance, anti rut ability, suitable for vehicle road.
. Construction
 1The mixing method and technique is basically the same with the common asphalt concrete.    
2Before the production of colorful asphalt concrete, the mixing cylinder and cementing material conveying pipeline should be cleaned to prevent the pollution of the original black asphalt.
3Construction temperature of colored asphalt cement should be determined by the determination of temperature-viscosity curve at 135 and 175 , if lack the temperature-viscosity curve, you can refer to the following range: the heating temperature of 155-165 , stone heating temperature of 170-180 , ejection of compact temperature of 145-165 .
      4In order to make the pigment distribution, the mixing time should be determined and increase 10-15s than ordinary asphalt concrete.
      5Strict control the mixing temperature and mixing time, mixing temperature difference of each plate is less than 5 , mixing time difference is less than 3S.
1using large tonnage truck, also pay attention to insulation, the temperature reduce is less than 10 ℃ from the beginning to the construction site.
2The vehicle must be cleaned, avoiding raw black asphalt mixture pollution. Don’t use sprayed emulsified asphalt insulating oil, use rapeseed oil, soybean oil and other cooking oil, or emulsified asphalt and cutback asphalt made by color asphalt binder.


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